Pool Services:

Note:  *The above pricing applies to new customers only, with screened in pools up to 15k gallons. Monthly filter
cleans are for cartridge type filters, and/or backwashing DE filters. DE filters require a hard removal clean annually,
there is an additional charge for this service. (Unscreened, Excessive vegetation around pool, Salt and Green pools
are additional charge.)

Note: Remember we can leave a door hanger so you know we have been to your home servicing your pool, giving
you piece of mind that your pool is well cared for. For vacation home owners, we can text you a picture of your pool
service visit!
(407) 754-4049

Full Weekly Pool Service Includes:

- Brush tile and walls
- Chemical balancing (Add as needed)
- Vacuum as needed
- Net surface of pool
- Empty Skimmer basket
- Empty pump basket
- Clean or backwash filter (As needed)
- Inspect equipment

$90.00 Per month*