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Question: Why do I need weekly service visits?

Answer: It allows for consistent chemical balancing of the pool, and to make sure your pool equipment is operating correctly.

Question: Should I ask my Pool cleaning company if they have CPO certification and liability insurance?

Answer: Th answer is yes, CPO certification is required in Florida to perform swimming pool cleaning on residential pools. It is a
Certified Pool and Spa operator through the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF). Liability insurance should be required by
your service company in case something happens while they are servicing your pool, like leaving the water on and flooding your

Question: Is Unique Pool Service a CPO certified company that has liability insurance?

Answer: Yes, Unique Pool Service is a Licensed, CPO certified company that also has the required liability insurance.

Question: Why can't I just call you when I need service?

Answer: Often times, customers will only call when there is a problem, like a green pool. We do not operate our service like this. If you
have a green pool, it is more than likely for lack of proper chemical(s) and lack of filtration or both. It would cost more to treat a green
pool, depends on condition, then it would to have weekly service where we would keep your pool balanced.