Welcome to Unique Pool Service...

"We are raising your expectations on what a pool service should be doing for you"

Unique Pool Service takes pride very seriously. It is what drives us and what we stand for. You should never have to
question the quality or safety of your pool water, or your pool itself. All you should ever think about is the amount of
people to invite to your next pool party.

For those of you that have current pool service, and especially vacation property owners, do you really ever know
when your pool has been serviced for the week? How about knowing if your pool tech even showed up? These are
questions you will never have to ask at Unique Pool Service. On the day we service your pool, we will leave a door
hanger tag (If you are ok with that) so you don't need to worry if we serviced your pool that week. For vacation
property owners, we can setup a weekly text message indicating our weekly stop so you don't have to worry about
something being left at your door if you are not there for extended periods of time.

Did you also know...We maintain weekly service records for your pool, that way we know what chemicals we used,
when your filter was last cleaned and any repairs that have done on your equipment. These are just value added
things we do for our customers!

We have been in the service business for almost 15 years, so we know what it takes to keep people happy. We do
this by taking care of our customers the best way we know how. We make sure we are reliable, with on time
appointment days, and with professional and dependable swimming pool service.

And if you happen to need to contact us for any reason, rest assured your calls, texts or email's will be answered
promptly. We pride ourselves on professional service and feel communication is one of the key factors to success.
Let us at Unique Pool Service provide you with unmatched quality.
Weekly Pool Services In KIssimmee, Hunters Creek, Windermere, Dr Phillips and Orlando!!!
"We look forward to servicing your pool"
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